Sunday, September 16, 2018

Car Boot Purchases

Hope you have all had a good weekend, I shall catch up with blog reading shortly.

I shall try and write a bit more here over the next few weeks, work has just been taking priority recently.

So I know many of you enjoy seeing the car boot purchases, so here is what I bought this weekend.

Jam - yes I know, I do usually make my own, but I just haven't had the time, a lovely couple were selling homemade jams and marmalade so I thought why not. I would rather buy from local people than a supermarket. So I bought these two jars of Blackberry and Apple, £1.20 a jar.

A ceramic shortbread mould for £2.00 - I do love homemade buttery shortbread.

Yardley Lily of the Valley Eau de Toilette for £1.00

Two brand new pairs of shoes.
What I call "sensible" shoes, I tend to go for comfort these days, other than when there is an occasion, where heels or "wedges" are more suited.

These are the pavers brand, which is a very good brand, and cost £2.00, they are really very comfortable.

These were £1.00

The Tudors season one and season two, for only 25p each. Something to enjoy watching in the cold winter evenings.

So not much money spent, but some lovely things, especially two brand new pairs of shoes for just £3.00.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Some new finches

Welcome to my new follower Margaret.

Whilst visiting the pet shop a few days ago, we spotted a pair of tiny little birds, and we decided to buy them.

They are Goldbreasted Waxbills, (a type of finch really.)

They are about 8-9 cm, originating from Africa.

We are keeping them in the shed as we don't really want to mix them with the grass parakeets, so they have a nice big area which we are going to plant up for them and turn it into a little paradise for them.

I have been trying to take some photos to show you but they haven't turned out brilliantly as they don't keep still long enough. 

 I did a little video which again isn't brilliant as they were on the go all the time.

I am sure when we have planted it up and made it a little paradise in there, they may settle down a bit long enough to take some decent pictures, they are sweet little things. We decided we would only keep grass parakeets, but you know what it's like, I love all birds, I wonder what will come home next time?

Monday, September 10, 2018


Welcome to a new follower Linda. The blog is gradually getting more followers, I have nothing much to write about at the moment really, because we are just so very busy.

We didn't go to the car boot sale on Saturday the weather was a bit unsettled, yesterday I only bought a few things.

This lovely enamel pot, I love enamel in the kitchen.
Has a different design on each side.
I paid £2.00

Some moisturiser, for £2.00, this size is selling for over £20 in some supermarkets, so that was a very good buy.

Finally these two Peter Bates miniatures, £1 for the two of them.

I love neoclassical figures, I actually have several pieces in the bathroom.

We did pick up a furniture bargain from Ebay last night.

It is huge over 8ft tall, and a good sturdy piece and we only paid £2.00 for it, we always watch the local Ebay deals which are on collection only. So this is going to be very handy for the office, giving more storage for work related things.

I have a busy week ahead again, but today I got up early and got my faithful friend out, the slow cooker, a nice chicken stew for tea tonight, I shall add some parsley dumplings later.

Until next time....

Take care.

Saturday, September 8, 2018


Welcome to my new follower Susan.

I don't read as often as I would like to, this is just down to working most of the time really. But this is something I am going to make more time to do. I collect books from the car boots and charity shops throughout the year so I always have something to read, I also buy a few from Amazon, it is very rare I buy a brand new book.

Today I bought all of these books for less than £5 the lot.

Last year I bought the dvd's for the "Farm" series but it will still be nice to read these books.

So looking forwarding to reading all of these, I have picked up another bookshelf from Freecycle this week as the collection for reading is rapidly growing. I tend to read them and resell them, only keeping the ones I know I will "dip" into again in the future.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A Relaxing Day

We have been so busy lately, so we thought we would have a break so we jumped in the car and off we went, no where grand, we just visited a few local towns.  We went to Cirencester a town in East Gloucestershire.

We just browsed the charity shops which we do every now and then, just to see if there is anything we can pick up to re sell. Charity shops are very expensive these days but we found a few good ones and made several purchases. One item we bought we are going to be able to make at least £30 profit on. 

We found a nice little coffee shop and sat for half an hour for a little break.

Then we went on to Stroud a town in the centre of Gloucestershire. Again we had some good finds in the charity shops.  We only made a couple of personal purchases, my husband bought a really good quality winter coat for £8.50. The only thing I bought for myself was a top from Next in the charity shop sale from £3.99 down to £1.99.

The colours in the photo aren't showing very well but it is my favourite colour purple, and it has a bit of sparkle around the neckline. I will never be too old to have a bit of sparkle.

After Stroud we had already decided we would stop off at the Toby Carvery, for a very late lunch.

Can't beat a roast dinner, it was lovely.

The Wyevale garden centre was just past the pub, so we had a look in there and ended up spending £40 on various shrubs in the sale. At the end of the day we live simply so we can spend money on things which give us pleasure and spending time in the garden is a big thing for us, so we want it to look good and at the end of the day if/when we move from here we can always dig up things and take with us.

I will do another garden post again sometime. One lovely thing we bought was a Lilac.
We are going to put it in a really large pot, of course we won't get to see it flower this year but next year it will be wonderful.

So that was it, a nice break from the normal work, eat, sleep, repeat which we have been doing for the last few weeks, most days we have been working until 8pm, watching a film, then off to bed, before we start over again the next day.

A little break now and then is good for the soul.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

A little catch up

Welcome to two new followers Susan and Julia.

Not much going on here lately, we have been working like crazy, its been work, eat, sleep, repeat. But the hard work is paying off, the "kerchings" keep coming in. 

Yesterday it was a lovely day so I made sure when we had a break we got out into the garden, I thought I would take some photos to show you our latest arrivals.

This little beauty in the middle is a Turquoisine  parakeet or (Turquoise parakeet). 

Beautiful colours. 

We are on the look out to get him a mate.

We also have two new Elegant Parakeet's.

We bought a couple of these just over a month ago, but we had someone come to buy some Bourke's and they saw the Elegant's and pleaded with us to sell them to them, and offered really good money so we couldn't refuse. 

The Turquoisine and the Elegant's are grass parakeets like the Bourke's we keep. So they all get along and live in harmony. There is another type of parakeet which we are looking for which is a Splendid, which also belongs to the same family.

All the birds we have chose to breed and keep are quite hard to come by around these parts, we have had to travel afar to find all our birds, so with everyone wanting them and none around here when we have some young to sell we should get good money for them. At the moment we are making up pairs.

We are really enjoying keeping birds, its not just about getting money from them, they are lovely pets.

The other pets, the sweet little Silkies are loving life here.

There is a little area unplanted in the garden where they enjoy a dust bath.

They really are a delight, I can't imagine living without Silkies in my life now, Just love them.

The two older girls here, Charley and Chuck are now just over 6 months old, so it won't be too much longer before they start laying, I have read it can be between 7 - 9 months, we shall see.

Their eggs are small in comparison to normal eggs, but I am sure they will be delicious.

I bought 30 eggs reduced to £2.00 this morning, so eggs will be on the menu in one form or another for a few days. It will be nice when I don't have to buy them.

In the garden...

The apples are looking good.

The tomatoes are still coming, we had 14 plants this year, and I have been picking them every day, but we are getting through them.

Yesterday I picked the last handful of dwarf beans, they went into the slow cooker with the pork casserole.

I will grow these again for sure, they have been really nice.

We have four pepper plants in the greenhouse, these have been slow to grow but are now getting to a good size.

Also we have done very well from the courgettes.

Although we don't have a large area for growing edibles, we have done well from growing potatoes, lettuce, strawberries, courgettes, tomatoes and peppers. There is also butternut squash to come.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

This weeks car boot bargains

Welcome to my new follower Janipi.

We went to the 2 car boots again this weekend.

This is what I bought...

5 litres of shower gel for £2.
My husband will use it for shower gel, I probably won't as I suffer from dry skin now I am going through the dreaded menopause and have to use other products, I will also use some of this to fill up the hand soap dispensers. Should last for quite some time.

Some natural cleaning spray for £1

Grow your own herb kit, contains lavender, thyme, basil and savoury - was 50p

New wild bird fat block feeder only 5p

New clothes line 10p

Some incense £1 for 2

Some everyday costume jewellery in my favourite colour purple - £1.50

And lastly this book for 50p which I have been wanting to read for a long time, for any one who hasn't heard of Hannah Hauxwell, she was a hill farmer in the Yorkshire Dales, farming 80 acres of land, for most of her life she had no electric or running water and it says she also lived on £5 a week, she lived a very simple basic life.

Looks like a really good read.

So that was all of this weeks purchases.