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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Having a look can be expensive!!

Welcome to my new follower Jacqui.

On Monday I went up to Asda for a few things and came home with much more, spending £17.44.

Yesterday I had to go up the medical centre, near Morrison's so I went and had a quick look and spent £10.20 on bargains.

When I arrived home my husband loaded up the car and off we went to the recycling centre, and on the way we spotted a big sign saying the new large Lidl store was open, so we went and had a look. A look cost £34.31. I loved the new store and will be going there at least once a month. 

Also there was a new food warehouse opened, which I was not impressed with (thank goodness). The only thing I thought was a good deal were onions,a 5 kg bag for £2.50.

Today I went up to get some bread, butter, cheese, and some veg and fruit, I have a nutribullet now and have a smoothie everyday for lunch so I got the things I needed for the next few days. 

These "basics" cost £14.44

I have spent £78.89 in the last few days in the supermarkets.

I like to think of myself as a sensible savvy shopper, but prices keep going up and we all have to eat.  

I am sure like myself you are all getting fed up of hearing about "Brexit", but whatever will be will be, we will just have to wait and see.

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Yesterday was my birthday, my husband hasn't been well for the past few weeks, so I wasn't expecting us really to do anything, but he said he was feeling a bit better so we jumped in the car with no plans and ended up in Stratford-Upon-Avon.  For those who are not familiar this is a medieval town in the county of Warwickshire and is the 16th century birth place of William Shakespeare, possibly the most famous writer in the English language for his sonnets and plays such as "Romeo and Juliet" and Hamlet.

On arrival it was just about lunch time and we were all hungry. As it was my birthday I chose fish and chips in "Fizz and Finn" restaurant/takeaway.

The jug on the side has gravy in it, I really fancied some on my chips.

Washed down with a mug of hot tea.

The meal was delicious, best chips I have tasted in quite some time.

After lunch we headed right across the road as we spotted some market stalls.

This place is just full of wonderful architecture, I love the buildings.

This is the RSC (Royal Shakespeare Company) usually you can go in and have a look around the theatre, but on this occasion there was something on so we couldn't.

When we go out anywhere one of my favourite things to do is visit churches and cathedrals.  Every time I step into a church or cathedral I just feel instantly calm and relaxed. 
I love to learning about the history and see the architecture.

So we walked over to the Holy Trinity Church.

This church is where Shakespeare was baptised and also where he was buried.

A stroll along the waters edge on the way back.

 Then over to see the beautiful swans.

Next stop the ice cream parlour.

And finally a look at Shakespeares house from the outside.

So much more to see and do here, so we will be visiting again in the future.

Back home to a nice bubbly bath using one of the lush products my son bought for me.

Then a mug of earl grey tea and one of my favourite treats caramel shortbread which my son made.

A lovely day!

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Good Deals Today

It pays to shop around, I usually shop at Asda, Morrisons & Home Bargains, and on the odd occasion we go to Farmfoods. So today we went to Farmfoods.

This 5kg bag of baking potatoes was £2.99

These 12 tins of Heinz beans were meant to be £4.99 , the lady at the till had trouble finding a code to scan but when I returned home I found out she had only actually charged £2.99. This was the cashiers error so if you want any they will be £4.99 which is a good buy anyway.

Three Packs of 3 ply toilet rolls - 18 rolls per pack- 54 in total - it was three packs for £10.

Yesterday I went up to Asda and found these on the clearance shelf. Only the smaller size tubes but still a good buy. So I bought 12.

I was trying to get out of the habit of stockpiling but with the way prices are increasing I think I would be silly not to snap up any good deals. 

Anyone else keep / or are going to start a stockpile?

If you have room it saves money in the long run.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Broody Hens

They say you learn something new everyday.

We are still learning as this is our first year of hen keeping.

Last week we noticed Doris not leaving the nest box, so we took her out and she kept returning, so we did some research and watched a few YouTube videos and it was quite clear she had turned broody. 

So as advised no point in letting her carry on when nothing would come out of it, basically they sit allowing their body temperature to increase and sit on the eggs or no eggs as the case might be, in the hope of becoming a mum and rarely come out for food and water. Obviously if you had a cock bird and wanted them to sit you would make sure food and water would be near by.

We followed the advice of keeping her away from the coop in confinement, we bought  a second hand dog cage at the car boot, we had to remove the base as instructed so there was a good air flow to cool her down, we placed the cage in the garden so she could still see all the other girls and put her in the greenhouse at night. 

She wasn't a happy girl, but now a few days later she is out and about with the other girls so that did the trick.

Yesterday we noticed Chuck was doing the same thing.

This was her today telling me off as I was just about to remove her from the coop.

If you turn the sound up you will hear her telling me to leave her alone.

We sectioned off some of the garden earlier so she can stay in there in the day and go in the cage in the greenhouse at night.

We couldn't just stop them by shutting up the coop as little Daisy has starting laying now and would have been stressed if she couldn't get in to lay her egg. Whilst brooding both Doris and Chuck stop laying. Hopefully Chuck will soon get over it.

We only have Charley who hasn't laid now.

It has been lovely to have fresh eggs available all the time.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

My Favourite YouTube Channel

My favourite YouTube channel and blog is Bealtaine Cottage.

Colette o' Neill is a writer, publisher,  photographer and creator of goddess permaculture and lives in Bealtaine Cottage in the West of Ireland. 

14 years ago Colette bought the cottage and land, the cottage was derelict on a north facing slope of three acres of wet rushy land. Using permaculture ethics and principles she transformed the poorest of land into the sanctuary it is today. 

She is a remarkable woman.

I have two of Colette's books.

This book documents her journey right from the start, it is a very good read.

A few months ago on the YouTube channel she posted about an exhibition she attended and where she met Beth Trepper. Beth's multi award-winning photographic portfolio comprises of fine art, fashion, portraiture, figurative, landscape and documentary images. Colette now has some of Beth's beautiful work in her home and next year Beth is going to Ireland to visit collaborate with Colette, and produce some more beautiful pieces.

I fell in love with several pieces of her work from one of her collections, "A Midsummer Pre-Raphaelite's Dream. So I purchased two photo prints and they arrived from the U.S a few weeks ago.

We bought some frames at the beginning of the week but took them back as they were not suitable, and they have now been replaced. Here are the two beautiful pieces I purchased.

Sorry about the reflections it was hard to photograph with the glass.

The quote underneath reads - And when love speaks, the voice of all the gods makes heaven drowsy with the harmony - William Shakespeare

The quote on this one reads - Nature always wears the colors of the the spirit - Ralph Waldo Emerson.

You can find Beth's work here

I would so love to transform a house and barren piece of land, not sure whether it will ever happen, but never say never, dreams can come true.

This is not a sponsored post, I don't do them, I am just sharing what I love.