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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Mini Supermarket

Welcome to Sue, thankyou for following me again on this blog.

As it is the year of less my shopping habits have to change, I will always snap up fresh meat bargains for the freezer as meat is the biggest food expensive and saves so much money in the long run, but as for the store cupboard well it is quite stuffed and I will not be buying anymore until it is all gone. (I mean it). 

It's like a mini supermarket at the moment.

Apologies for some of the pics being blurry (camera trouble).

I was naughty last year and ended up with a bit of a store in the work/spare room, but this will be cleared so I can have the shelf space back.

I still have veg outside in the cold greenhouse and the freezer is still packed with bargain buys of meat and fish.

So eating from the stores is what we will be doing for several months to come, using it all and not spending any more money, apart from fresh fruit, veg, salad, milk butter, cheese etc when its needed.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Thrifty Talk

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In the last week I have been having a bit of a stock take, seeing what I don't need to buy this year. As you know I am a savvy shopper and end up with some really good deals, which is brilliant because it means this year I won't have to buy any of the following at all.

Washing powder

I also came across this.....

This was bought at the car boot last year for just £2, I have put some into an old pump dispenser bottle. We tried it and it is very good, so that alone will last ages.

This week has also seen a major declutter begin, anything we can live without will be sold, we are not hoarders and really don't keep a lot of "stuff" but it is amazing what you can find when you have a good look around, I am being ruthless, if it's not needed or we no longer have use for it, we will sell it, better to have the cash than things sat in the cupboards. It is going really well, I have already sold some of the things I sorted out this week, and that was from only one room.

I am really focusing on food at the moment, and making good food as cheaply as possible, we are meat eaters but don't eat meat every night, some simple cheap meals are always on the menu, I made a soup at the beginning of the week and the leftovers are going to be eaten tomorrow for tea, I like cooking once and eating twice, saves money, electric, washing up, something I will be doing much more.

The girls are still providing us with enough eggs, so that is one less thing to buy.

Only three out of four are laying, our oldest girl will be twelve months old next month and she hasn't laid yet.

The baby girl Daisy is having fun again in the pots, bless her.

Doris and Daisy in laying.

This afternoon I went up to Asda to buy some milk, and found a few good bargains.

I actually needed some jam, and was very lucky to find some Strawberry & Champagne conserve it was originally £1.50 a jar, but was reduced down to 38p, it had a really good shelf life. As you can see I got 10 jars, there were hundreds of them on the shelves.

So I won't be making jam or buying anymore this year, so its Strawberry, lump it or like it.

There was also a shelf full of mincemeat, again a really good date, and it was down to 40p a jar, so I had 8 of them.

Ideal for baking throughout the year, mince pies, mince pie brownies, mincemeat and apple crumble, mincemeat slice with crumble topping, cake etc etc.

I found just a few other things.

Bacon reduced to 84p a pack.

Shame there was only two packs, still £1.68p for 48 rashers I am happy with that, I have spilt it up and put in the freezer.

There was a big cage of damaged goods out, but the only thing I found was a 1 kg box of cereal for £2.25.

So some great savings once again, I will always snap up the food bargains, after all we have to eat. 

I have also been a bit naughty and have been looking at houses on the internet, just to see what is about, but like my husband says we need to get our health issues sorted this year, but it will be happening next year, I am feeling really optimistic about the future.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

We're just not buying it!

This year we are just not buying it!

We shall make do, not give into any temptations, no unnecessary purchases.

It really is back to basics.

Today I thought about some upcoming birthdays, realising I had no actual birthday cards suitable for the recipients, but I have stacks of blank cards and note cards, and I still have a box of craft items from way back when I used to make cards and I found some peel off stickers.

Job done, saved spending money on more cards.

While I had the craft box out I thought I would recycle the Christmas cards.

Some tags made for next year, nothing bought, using what I already had.

Every penny counts here.
Every penny is a prisoner.

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

A good start.

Welcome to my new followers Maureen McDonald & Barbara Oaker.

Thankyou for all your support and encouragement on our goals for this year.

I really would love to be writing my blog from a new home this time next year, and we are so focused on the new year challenge.

My husband is suffering from ill health at the moment and I am going to have to have an op later on in the year, so we have to stay put this year to sort ourselves out, but this time next year we shall start looking , we have been chatting about it today. I feel now it is in touching distance. We shall pull out all the stops this year to save, and to reduce expenditure. I feel so excited right now.

Anyway, back to money saving.

Yesterday I went to Asda to buy milk, but found several good bargains.
The freezer is looking very good from the Boxing Day bargains, a few days after Boxing Day I bought a side of salmon for £5 and cut it into 6 pieces, after yesterday the freezer is now completely stuffed.

I am only going to buy meat when it is reduced this year.

I came home with all of this.

A kilo of lean steak mince for £1.38, this has been split into 2 lots.

Packs of chicken breast fillets 95p each, one had 6 in the other 5, I have split into 4 lots.

Basa fillets 59p a pack.

It's just the two of us here this week so this chicken dinner joint for £1.38 will give us four meals, we had this last night and I cooked some extra veg (still have the 20p veg being stored in the cold greenhouse) and extra spuds, so tonight I just have to plate up and reheat. Four meals for under £2 is brilliant and cook once eat twice saves on electric and washing up.

We don't eat too many snacky foods or shop bought cakes here, as I really prefer to bake myself, and sweet things are very limited in the week, I look at cakes and biscuits as weekend treat foods really, but this time of year I do buy a few of the Christmassy things the shops are clearing. This little lot will last for several months. The mince pies have 21st January date on them the rest have a few months shelf life.

These were 25p a pack.

Lebkuchen 17p a pack.

Extra special cookies 32p a pack.

Mince pies 49p a pack.

Panettone £1.25 each.

£2 for this tin of Shortbread, the stickers peel off easily so I will keep the beautiful tin.

A few other bits, Blueberries 25p.

Two nets of satsumas 25p each.

I also got some potatoes for 20p.

I also got a freebie.
There was some free almond milk on one of the shopping apps, I am not a huge fan of nut milks, but in porridge or for my weekday lunchtime  smoothies it will be fine.

I just love something for nothing.

So this was a really good start to the money saving year, I have enough meat in the freezer to last a good few months now, but it will last much longer than that as we don't eat meat every night of the week.

Monday, December 31, 2018

2019 - The Year of Less

Feels like it will never happen.....

2019 is going to be the year of less ...............much less.

A year where every penny really does count.

Outgoings have to be reduced, money has to be saved.

I am already frugal and thrifty, but time to step up a gear.

Time to be super frugal, super thrifty, super penny-wise, time to be a super scrimper.

So if you like reading about frugal and thrift you have come to the the right place.

Its gonna be tough but here we go, bring it on.

If you have any challenges or goals this year, good luck.