Monday, July 16, 2018


Welcome to all new followers.

I look forward to Monday evenings,  we have been enjoying watching Versailles on BBC Two.

For anyone who hasn't seen this it is now the third and final series, it is a period drama series depicting the decadent and turbulent early reign of Louis XIV, who is also know as Louis the Great or The Sun King.

Back in 2014 we had a holiday in France and decided to visit the palace of Versailles.
It was a fantastic day out, the only thing was we spent hours and hours in the palace and didn't get to see much of the grounds, one day I would really like to go again.

I thought I would just share some photos of our visit.

I just love visiting palaces and grand homes, I love all the sumptuous gold, marble, and crystal chandeliers.

I am off to buy a lottery ticket now, in the hope of winning enough to create my own mini Versailles.

Well a girl's allowed to have a dream....

Sunday, July 15, 2018

Sunday Shopping

Sunday is the day when most of the shopping gets done here.

We set off to the car boot sale this morning, for non UK readers a car boot sale is an outdoor sale which people sell there unwanted possessions, they turn up with the goods in the car, usually put some tables or sheets on the ground and then try to sell their wares. You also get some traders selling as well.

This picture is our stall last year.

Sometimes there are some good fruit and veg stalls, but not much there today, all I bought was over a kilo of grapes for £1 and some peaches for 50p.

The only other thing I bought were some magazines. I don't buy trashy mags full of celeb gossip and nonsense. These magazines usually cost £4.99 each, I bought 6 for £2, they are nice magazines. You will never see me in a shop buying a brand new magazine.

After the car boot it is back for lunch and doing a few house chores before going to the supermarket hunting for yellow stickers (reductions), Sunday I have found has always been the best day for me, but it is getting harder now as I think more people are doing the same, we are all looking to grab a bargain to save some money, as everything is just going up and up in price.

It was not my best day at all, I really try to look out for good healthy produce but it was very sparse today. I came home with not such a healthy shop as usual.

Here's what I came home with today.

Pancakes were £1.00 - paid 20p 

These have all gone in the freezer, we will have some at the weekends for breakfasts with some berries for a treat.

Pies and pasties from the instore bakery.
Pies usually £2.00 for pack of 2 - paid 50p a pack, the pasties usually £2.60, paid 65p, they have all gone in the freezer.

Soup in scorching hot July? no thankyou, these packs of soup mix are usually £1 a pack, to be honest I only buy these when they are at a silly price, as I always make and chop all my own veg for soup usually, but for 10p a pack I will make up a big pan tomorrow and put it in tubs for the freezer.

Salads were £1 each - paid 20p each

Swedes and beans 10p each.

Bread 11p
Muffins 7p

Fruit pies 16p a box.

So that was it, not what I had hoped for but never mind, still some good buys.

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

It started off good

Welcome to all new followers & readers.

Today's forecast was meant to be cooler, and it was to start with, so I thought I would get out in the garden and do a bit of work.

Even Charlie and Chuck thought it was quite pleasant and were happily wandering around the garden.

When it is too hot they spend most of the day hiding behind the bushes and then come out after tea when it cools off a bit.

I spent a few hours doing some cleaning in the aviary and then did some weeding and dead heading.

The Buddleia is certainly bringing  lots of beautiful butterflies into the garden.


Red Admirals.


The apples are looking good.

We had about 20 last year off of the one tree we have,  this year it is loaded.

Behind the greenhouse is a bit off a jungle, pots and bags full of potatoes, and down the bottom there are tomatoes and other things growing which must have seeded themselves from the homemade compost we used.

Before lunch the hot temperatures were here again, absolutely baking. 

Poor Mr blackbird had a rest in the seed tray.

Not long after he went in the bird bath for a drink and splash, it is so important to have some water for them all year round.

As with everywhere else the lawn is looking in a right state.

If it doesn't rain soon I am going to do the rain dance.

Yesterday I cooked up a ham in the slow cooker, so for tonight's meal it will be salad, consisting of lettuce, cucumber, tomato, peppers, new potato salad, egg mayo, ham, and a nice bit of cheese topped french stick.

Bye for now, stay cool.