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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

I am a Chinaholic!

Welcome to my new follower Gill.

I am fast becoming a chinaholic. I just can't resist a piece of pretty china, beautiful pieces can be picked up from the car boot sale or charity shops these days for very little. 

Some new additions from the last few weeks.

A Forget-me-not trio.

There is no makers mark it is just stamped bone china. 

One thing I have quite a collection of now is violets design. Various makes. I just love violets and of course they are my favourite colour.

These are two plates which should have a cup with them but I know I will come across some suitable cups sometime.

Royal Albert Sweet Violets.

Three small fruit dishes, these are just stamped bone china Czechoslovakia.

I really do love this Gladstone Pottery sugar bowl.

This is just one single tea plate, it does have some wear in places but I just love the design. It is by Alfred Meakin.

Three Sweet Pea design tea plates by Royal Albert.

Now as I mentioned pretty china costs me very little, I paid a little under £3.50 for all of the above china. You could spend that on a box of chocolates, at least it can be used daily and give years of pleasure.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Glorious Weather

We woke up to the first frost on Sunday. I put the heating on for the first time yesterday morning, just for an hour whilst we got up, this bungalow is a drafty old place and in the winter it gets extremely cold. I love getting up in the mornings and putting on the fairy lights. Fairy lights and candles are one thing I love as the weather turns colder.

Today has been a really glorious day, much of it has been spent doing some gardening jobs. There is still a little colour to be seen. 

My husband bought four Chrysanthemums at this weeks car boot for £5, I think we will get some more next time.

The only other thing I bought for us was three solar lights.

They were brand new as the lady had just done her garden and bought too many, they were only £5 anyway in the shop, but I had the three for £3 each.

A few more garden pics.

 The Pigeon has been enjoying the berries in next door's garden.

My favourite bird the Robin, but I think you have guessed that from my header.

Singing away and then came over to visit me.

Beautiful little bird.

Doris has been continuing to give us an egg everyday and sweet little Chuck laid her first egg yesterday.

The butternut squash has appeared, I have four so far.

Still picking the tomatoes.

The girls love them so I am happy to share.

Some apples have been picked, we only have one tree but it has produced a good crop, still a few left on there.

Finally I shall leave you with a picture of the plaque I bought from the boot sale the other day.

This is the before, it was nice as it was.


I gave it two coats of antique white chalk paint, and just added some gold detail in places, I am very pleased with how it looks now. There was a screw sticking out of the tiles in the bathroom so I thought I would hang it there.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

The first egg

I was so chuffed today as we have had our first egg.

Doris laid it, she was in the busy in the laying compartment of the coop for a good hour bless her.

The first egg they lay is usually a bit smaller, but Silkie eggs are much smaller than a normal hens egg.

Now I am a bit unsure of how free range eggs from unvaccinated hens should be stored, Doris and Daisy have had some vaccinations but we can't remember what, and Charley and Chuck we hatched ourselves so they haven't had any.

So if anyone could advise on storage whether it be in the kitchen or in the fridge I would be most grateful, I know you have to be careful about Salmonella.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Car Booting again.....

Car booting again this weekend, this is what we came home with.

Husband bought some new lighting and a heater for the shed so the birds in the breeding boxes are happy. 

A shoe rack for £2.

This plaque is meant to be for the garden, the lady who was selling it said she paid a lot of money for it at the garden centre and had it hanging in her conservatory. 

Cost me £3.50

I would hang this inside,  love the design, but not happy with the colour so I was thinking of giving it a makeover, maybe a off white or cream, and a few light highlights of gold here and there, not sure yet.

My husband picked up some shampoo for 20p a bottle, who cares if its baby shampoo, it does the job.

Some wine - yes you can find anything at the car boot.

£14 for 5 bottles.

Some local honey for £4

A very long garland for 50p, I will put this up next week when I do some "Autumnal" decorating.

A pretty necklace for 30p

 A Nottingham lace table cloth, new, 95% egyptian cotton, it says nearly perfect quality, but after looking at it I can't see any flaws.

This will fit our table perfectly for when its not extended, we only need to extend it if we have more than four around the table.

And finally a very pretty candle holder for £3.00