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Friday, February 22, 2019

Made a start on the sowing

This weather is just wonderful, I just had to get out and enjoy some sunshine in the garden this morning.

 We picked up stacks of decking from freecycle last year and my husband is making planters from it.

As the saying goes, here's one I made earlier (husband that is not me).

So these are free really, made from using free wood, the bags are what  the chicken bedding comes in, so that is good recycling and the compost is from the compost bin. 

We did buy some compost from the garden centre yesterday. I use some homemade and some from the garden centre as we only have the one compost bin here.

I bought some more seed potatoes, this time Wilja, I also decided on growing Aubergines, Peas and Broad Beans, I have never grown Aubergine, I remember last year on Sue's blog (The Cottage at the End of the Lane), she had success with them so I thought I would try.  The Broad Beans are a variety called Robin Hood, which are ideal for containers.

So I went out with the tub of seeds and made a start on the sowing, I shall do a little each day.

Back indoors a bit later on I thought I would do some baking as I have a ham joint in the oven and I like to make use of the oven  whilst its on. So I made some cheese nibbles, this is a Hairy Bikers recipe, they look different than the ones in the book as I have used two types of cheese, cheddar and red leicester. Thought it would be a change from sweet things.

Have a good weekend and enjoy the beautiful sunshine.

Monday, February 18, 2019

Just a quick post

Just a quick post today..

Last week was a very busy and productive week,  I am still finding I am getting just as much work done even with taking a proper break for an hour or so, I suppose it is recharging the batteries really isn't it.

As we are growing more this year we have fenced off the top of the garden to keep my fluffy girls in one place as they do like to climb in the pots and dig and have dust baths. So they have got all this space.

Plenty of room, they spend a lot of time up this end of the garden anyway. At the end they have a little shelter where there can go if it rains, or back in under their house. We were going to put up a smaller run with a roof but the fence is a bit dodgy (hence be propped up with wood), and the other thing is why do all that work when we are set to move in the future, and these panels here can be taken down to put together for a make do run when we move until we get them sorted out.

Yesterday we bought a pair of Budgies to add to our bird menagerie.
Beautiful colours. I do love them, I think many people had them as pets when they where young I had one called Bill and my elder sister had one called Betty. 

These two came from a lady who is dying, she kept quite a few, and it was clear to see how well they had been loved and cared for,the pet shop collected them from her at the weekend, there were loads to choose from, I wanted them all. 

So now we have Budgies, Bourke Parakeets, Turquoisines, Elegants, and Gold Breasted Wax Bills. 

On another note a few people have emailed me and asked if I have an Instagram account, yes I do so if you want to see or follow here it is

Friday, February 15, 2019

Grow Your Own

This week the weather has been wonderful, I am itching to get out growing again, I did debate whether or not to bother as there is so much work to do already, but l enjoy pottering in the gardening, to me its not work, I love to be outside.  So we are going to try and grow much more than we have ever done before. The only thing is it is all container growing here. I have loads of large pots, growing bags, potato bags, and my husband is going to make several troughs and planters from some decking we got from freecycle last year.

So I got the seeds out to see what was already here, I did buy a couple packs of herbs and salad leaves.

What I am going to grow is:

Mixed salad leaves
Micro greens
Dwarf Beans

We also have an apple tree which does well.

I am also going to make a seed sprouting jar and sprout some seeds for salads.

Yesterday at the local garden centre we picked up some first early potatoes a variety called Swift. These are one of the fastest maturing early varieties, it says they are  heavy croppers and it's short bushy habit makes it ideal for containers or potato bags.

Next week we shall choose some second early ones.

If anyone has any suggestions of other things which do well in bags, pots or containers please let me know.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

More of a relaxing day

I have tried to stick to my word of having a more relaxing day.

I did do some work for one hour sorting out some of the purchases from the last few days, and that was it.

I cleaned out the chickens, and pottered in the garden, tidied up the greenhouse a bit. I don't really look at it as work though.

There were some bulbs in pots in there so I put them outside.

I sowed some Curly Parsley and Thyme seeds.

Re-potted a Sage which I bought this morning.

These are some micro salad greens, I grow these all year round.

I have been undecided about growing my own this year as there is always so much work to do, but I enjoy gardening I find it very relaxing, I am so happy pottering about outside. So I am going to make a list of what I want to grow, I still have a tin of seeds so will have a look and start planning soon.

In the garden I have 3 Hellabore's  they are looking lovely.

Lots of little clumps of Snowdrops around.

So after pottering around I went in the bedroom put my feet up and watched a dvd.

I didn't cook today, tea was some curried egg mayo sandwiches, a fruit cake which I bought reduced after Christmas, a creme caramel made from a pack which had been lurking in the back of the cupboard for a while and some quick and easy to make chocolate crispies.

Just letting my tea settle, then off to have a nice bath using a lush bath bomb, then putting my feet up and watching tv.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

One Man's Trash....

It's been a one step forward two steps back kind of few weeks, trying to get on with things then something happens to throw a spanner in the works.

I believe someone in fate and that someone is watching over us as this week some better news on the health front after 5 months of waiting for my husband, and this week we have had a really good week with money making opportunities presenting themselves to us. Our spare room and my office are packed with items to sell. 

We went on our usual stock buying sprees this week and also went to a jumble sale today (not an experience I enjoyed), yesterday someone local was having a good old clear out and we bought a car load home and today went back for another car load, and that's not it they have the whole attic to clear out yet.

We only paid £70 for two big car loads, some people just haven't got time or just don't want the hassle of sorting it all out and selling it themselves. We have looked through it briefly an there is a lot of money to be made, so I am a happy girl again. 

I just love having a good old rummage, very exciting as you never know what's there, when I buy I have a quick look and see if there are a few items we can get the money back and the rest is a bonus.

Just an example of a couple of treasures, I just pulled out this Royal Worcester figure.

And this lovely doll which dates from around the 1930's

There is just mountains to sort out now and the car boots start again the first week in March, so we are going to be working flat out, but the rewards which will come for us soon enough will be worth it.

So one man's trash can really be another man's treasure.

I am going to give myself Sunday afternoon's off, this is my new golden rule, as I need some "me " time or I might go a bit mad.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Hello February

Hello February.

Please give me some more mealworms, I have scoffed all the ones you put out this morning all ready!

What's all this funny white stuff mum?

Be safe and stay warm.

Thursday, January 31, 2019

They Need Our Help

Must not forget the birds this weather when we are snuggled up in the warm and have plenty to eat and drink, they don't.

Some of this weeks visitors.........

Even if you don't have feeders or buy bird food for them, I am sure most people could find some bread crumbs, cake crumbs, some apple, dried fruit etc,  and don't forget water.

They will really appreciate it.